Red wine Le Faucon 2022 IGP Gaillac


Grape varieties : 25% braucol + 75% Tannat

Land: Tarn’s right bank, clayey-chalky soil.



Nicolas' two main passions are reunited in this bottle: wine and falconry!

As for needed in Falconry, riguour and patience were also the keys of the blend of two grape varieties: "Tannat" and "Braucol".

The Tannat is harvested from a plot plantes at high density (7500 vines/ha). As for the Vintage Florentin, every vine will bear only four bunches of grapes.

The clayey-chalky soil provides strong aromas. Short and selective pruning is used to favor small yields.

In the spring, all vines are disbudded by hand to promote a better distribution of the bunches.

In June, we perform a leaf stripping manually for better ventilation.

In July, we count and remove the extra bunches on the vine. We only leave a maximum of four bunches per vine.

During the manual harvest, the grapes are sorted and brought in a box to the cellar where a second sorting is carried out to keeping only the flawless grains. The manipulations in the cellar are reduced to the maximum to extract the quintessence of these two grape varieties.

Food & Wine pairing

A wine with character, fleshy and generous with a dark cherries' note.

During its tasting, Le Faucon seduces by its power, its fruity aromas, its fat and its lingering flower.

Le Faucon will accompany your game, rabbit stew and red meat or can be paired perfectly with a good ripened cheese.

Le Faucon can be aged at least for 8 years.

This wine is neither pasted nor filtered.

To fully enjoy all flavours of Le Faucon, it is recommanded to open or decant the bottle at least two hours before drinking it.


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