"Cette-année-là" cabin 

"Cette-année-là" cabin  is located on the slopes of Gaillac, 1.4 km from our wine cellar.

It takes only20 min on foot to go there (20 min) from our wine cellar surrounded by  the picturesque vineyards .

This location is totally dedicated to our prestige sweet wine "Cette-année-là liquoreux".

The landscapes of the vineyard and cabins are part of Gaillac's wine patrimony.

These Landscapes are a language, it delivers the messages to us. The effective communication between winegrowing and the public can be considered as an extra value to our wine production. 

Beyond their role as a means of communication for the wine sector, the landscapes of  vineyards also contribute to the economic development of an entire region, in developing tourist activities.

As a wine enthusiastic, let’s get an authentic experience on the hillside in this Gaillac:

Start your day with a visit to our family-run winery in the heart of the vineyards, where we'll welcome you with a glass of our organic wines and then take you into the vineyards to show you how we grow the grapes. After your visit to the vineyards, you can continue your unique viticultural experience in the direction of our "Cette-année-là" cabin. Along the way, you can admire the amazing landscape of the Gaillac hills.

Walking through the vines,
you will enjoy the fragrance of the wild flowers growing alongside the vines, and hear the  birds’ singing from the surrounding trees. Once you have returned to the winery, you can head to our wine cellar for an exceptional wine tasting.

We will guide you through our selection of wines, explaining the particularities in taste between each cuvée and also sharing the knowledge about the art of  winemaking. Plus, during the tasting, we will tell you about our fascinating stories and our passion for wine.

We are sure that you will definitely get the authentic wine experience on the Gaillac hill. Besides, you can not only have fun, but also learn about our wine culture and history through sightseeing at our winery.