Walk in the heart of the vineyards

The starting and finishing point of this wine tourism activity is at our cellar. You could go to our cellar and meet the winegrower family who will guide you in discovering the vines. You could discover our viticulture secrets by learning how vines are grown and pruned, how grapes are harvested and how wine is produced.

The hillside of Gaillac is known for its vineyards, which offer spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding hills

and the picturesque village. You could also learn about the different Gaillac grape varieties, such as Braucol, Duras and Ondec, which are used to produce the region's renowned wines.

We will also show you the many traditional tools that are still used to cultivate vines, such as weeders, pruners and wicker baskets to transport the harvested grapes.

The oenorando could also be an opportunity to taste our local and organic wines

We have you taste different wines while explaining the subtleties of each grape variety and sharing our passion for wine. At the end of the walk, you could take the time to sit in a quiet place among the vineyards, to enjoy the landscape and the peaceful atmosphere that reigns in the surrounding countryside.

Overall, a stroll through the vineyards of Coteau de Gaillac would be an enriching experience to discover the natural beauty, wine culture and renowned wines of the region.

What is Œnorandos?

Viti-rapace is our private VIP walking tour with birds of prey.

The winemaker will guide you. And you will discover a unique wine experience and sightsee our vineyard with the birds. (A walking tour across the vineyards with the winemaker's birds of prey and a prestigious tasting of our wines and local specialties).

".. Despite many constraints, what a pleasure to share a faultless complicity with my Cinto eagle, my Alba eagle and my other birds. What's more, I'm lucky enough to be able to pass on this passion to you. I'm also happy to share with you my life as a falconer winemaker... "

Nicolas Hirissou

Our tour will start in the heart of the vineyards in the morning, when the sunlight is particularly good for photography. The winegrower will welcome you with his birds of prey and guide you through the vineyards towards the "Cette année-là" cabin.

"Cette-année-là” place offers spectacular panoramic landscapes. It is located on the Gaillac hillside at the outskirts of Gaillac town. What's more, it's an ideal place to learn about the basics of falconry. You will have one bird per visitor. You will have the chance to learn how to handle the birds of prey and their art of hunting. You will then discover our wine secrets, accumulated over more than 180 years, as you learn how the vines are grown and pruned, how the grapes are harvested and how the wine is crafted. You will also learn about the different native grape varieties which are used to produce the region's renowned wines.

During this walking tour, you will also have an opportunity to enjoy our organic wines with local and seasonal specialties.

We look forward to welcoming you to our winery. Don't hesitate to contact us for reservations.

More information on the Viti-Rapace

Pax: 4 visitors maximum

Duration: approx. 3 h

PS: This tour could be postponed due to unexpected weather conditions.

Price: € 120 per person (incl. Tax)

Language: English and French

Reservation only