A visit to our windmill 

"Our project is to rebuild this windmill and to transform it into an oil mill and to organize a great festival around olive oil and wine. We will bring the windmill back into operation and will press the olives in front of the visitors. We also have a plan for organizing a festival for families with workshops, games, etc....

Our Olive Festival will go beyond France's borders. Let's experience olive oils to all visitors from all over the world. What a great opportunity to be able to exchange with other olive growers from Greece, Italy, Spain, Morocco etc....

Our project will reanimate this rural heritage, make Florentin village great again, and promote the whole local and agricultural value. There's only one restored windmill in the Tarn department, so it's certain that the restoration of our mill will bring a lot of interest to the village."

Nicolas Hirissou

This old windmill and its cabin are located in the heart of 11 hectares of our vineyards and olive groves at Florentin village. 
Florentin village is situated at the top of a hill at an altitude of 200 m, facing the river Tarn. The village is 15 minutes from Albi (a UNESCO World Heritage site), 15 minutes from Gaillac, famous for its wine culture and heritage, and 1 hour from Toulouse, the wine capital of South-West France. The highway is just 2 km far from the village. Historically, the windmill and its area  belonged to the De Chanterac family. De Chanterac family led the creation of the first Gaillac white wine appellation in 1938.

Our windmill is currently under restoration, and you can be part of its restoration project. 

The windmill is a historic monument dating from the 17th and 19th centuries, which has been abandoned for many years.

Our target is to bring it to its operation, making it a sharing and work place for all the people of the village. We also want to transform it into a cultural and historical symbol of our region. Therefore, we need your financial support to accomplish the restoration project.

That's why I kindly ask you if you'd be able to support our project with a donation. Any amount of your donation would be greatly appreciated and would help us move forward with our restoration project. If you have any questions about the project or how to make a donation, please don't hesitate to contact us or click the link below.



A partir de 7.20€

Domaine du Moulin Rose wine

Grape variety: Duras 50 %, Syrah 50%

Land: left bank: gravelly soil.