Red wine cuvée Florentin 2018 AOC Gaillac


Grape variety : 100 % BRAUCOL (A grape variety typical of Gaillac with a characteristic nose of blackcurrant and spices).

Land : Tarn left bank, gravelly soil.

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3640 bottles. The aim was to make a great wine with this grape variety. Two land patches of 50 acres each with gravelly and clayey-chalky soils were selected on the domaine. We then started to work these patches in a very specific manner: we prune each grapevine selectively and close to the trunk to ensure a small yield. In spring, when the grape vine starts to grow, each plant is debudded by hand so as to have a better spread of fruit on the plant.

In June we take some of the leaves off by hand to ensure a free flow of air. In July a green harvest is done to count the grapes and take away the surplus grapes on the stem (a yield of 18 to 22 hl/ha). When we harvest by hand, all the grapes are put in small wooden boxes, brought as quickly as possible to the cellar where they are sorted to keep only flawless ones. Grapes vinification requires long hours of work and monitoring. Direct contact with the grapes is reduced to a minimum to extract from Braucol its quintessential taste. The wine then stays for twelve months in oak barrels specially chosen in a cooper’s, to suit the fruitiness of this variety.


Listed as a wine grower‘s work of art by the vins de France magazine, Florentin is recommended by many specialised guides. Gold and Silver medal at the great wines of France de Macon 2008 et 2009 competition , special selection guide hachette for 2008 and 2009. , special selection of vins de France magazine for 2010.

Food & Wine pairing

When tasted by various sommeliers, Florentin seduced everyone with its fruitiness, finesse, fleshiness and length of mouth feel. The shape of the bottle and the label contribute to give a feeling of exceptional quality.

Florentin is to be served with special meals. It is perfect for poultry and any other fine food. If you wish, you can even serve it as an aperitif. To fully enjoy the strength of this wine, it is recommended to open it at least two hours before drinking or to decant it.

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