The story begins in my childhood.

The story begins in my childhood.

In our countryside, every  old stone farmhouse  is home to some fabulous guests:  birds of prey. Natural regulators of insects and rodents are necessary to all farmers. The little owl, the barn owl, the tawny owl, the common buzzard,  are that may not mean much to you, but all these birds  are part of our daily lives as winegrowers. 

I was fascinated by another bird of prey in my wine estate: the kestrel. It's a small, very colorful hawk that serves as "Holy Spirit" to spot its prey. I give it honor in the creation of  cuvée M Wines’ labels. The image of my peregrine falcon is honored as the label of Faucon Red Wine, and Cinto, my masterpiece red wine , a tribute to my royal eagle.

We have three wild pairs of birds of prey nesting on my wine estate.

In 2006, I decided to become a falconer from the life of a simple observer. Like learning to make wine, the art of birds of prey’s training for hunting requires a lot of patience, rigor, listening and observation. That's why I spend hundreds of hours with my birds.

Even if there are a lot of constraints, what a pleasure to share a faultless complicity with my Cinto eagle, my Alba eagle and my other birds! Besides, I'm so lucky to be able to pass on this passion to my children. I'm super happy to be a falconer-winemaker.