Passionate of this tree and above all its origins, I planted my very first olive trees 15 years ago.

Revealing my history

With the foundation of Clos Hirissou in 2017, it was necessary for me to plant other varieties.

It is a gift from nature that a variety will be chosen to be planted. In my case I see the olive tree as a messenger and revealer of my  past, present and future.

I'm a winegrower, not an olive grower, so mother nature will be the lord of my production without any treatment, and there won't necessarily be to produce oil every year.

Today, 500 olive trees are planted in three communes: Gaillac, Florentin and Senouillac.

I decided that three cuvées of olive oils would eventually be produced:

« Retour de voyage » olive oil: I love to travel all over the world to discover new cultures, so whenever I can, I bring back an olive tree with the local variety: Oliviere France Aglando France, Picual Spain, Moroccan Picholine, kalamata Greece... etc .

« À mes racines italiennes » olive oil: it is super important for me to pay tribute to my maternal grandfather “Mario” from Cibiana di Cadore in Italy. The location of the farm was immediately obvious to me, given the Italian-sounding name of the village: it's located around our windmill in the commune of Florentin. This olive oil  will be made from 2 Italian varieties: Taggiasca and Frontoio.

« Trésor de méditerranée » olive oil: my favorite fruit  for Corsica, this oil is made from a unique collection of Corsican varieties: Sabine, Curtinese, Ghjermana, Capanace, Raspulada, Zinzala, Aliva Néra, Oliese.