Winery owners for six generations

What an opportunity and responsibility to be the 6th generation at this winery. Here's a brief history of our Hirissou family.

In Gaillac, the cradle of winegrowing, we have been producing wines for more than three centuries. They are deeply rooted in this land on both banks of the Tarn. 

With the birth of Pierre Hirissou in 1827, our first vines were planted. We could perhaps go back further, but ancient writings have not revealed all their secrets. It was in 1855, with the birth of his son Antoine Hirissou, that the vineyard developed considerably.

With the construction of a vinification cellar in the heart of Gaillac, Antoine is remembered as a shrewd businessman and manager. By storing the wine from three harvests in his wine cellar, he only sold in bad years when wine was scarce. All merchants knew that wine was always available at the place of the Hirissou family, as long as they paid the right price. In that time, wine was as important a commodity as bread. That's what we call business acumen!

Visionary keens

My parents,  Dominique and Jean Paul Hirissou, took over the family’s business in 1976.

As soon as they started, they decided to focus on better quality. The search for the best terroir is essential to achieve their goal. A wine cellar on Gaillac hill was built in order to operate the production of premium wines and also for the purposes of wine tourism. Domaine du Moulin was born in guaranteeing its consistency and high quality. It was just the beginning and also served as a staircase to go up. Yes, “Visionary” is the perfect word to honor my parents!

Moving Forward

Since 2002, I've held the keys to the wine estate, with the idea of creating great wines in Gaillac. After studying viticulture and oenology and an internship in California, I took over my family winery. My greatest opportunity is that I always have full authorization to design the future of the wine estate. For more than 20 years, I have been devoted myself, trying, succeeding, and failing, to achieve my ultimate goal: to create a great wine. My family and my two passions support me in this adventure. Falconry and Corsica are my two sources of inspiration: The search for premium quality wine…. 

A few important dates of Domaine Du Moulin

> 1977: 10 hectares of gravel terroir in the commune of Florentin leased to our winery.

> 1995: Construction of the new wine cellar at Gaillac 

>2001: Purchase of 12 hectares of Mr Jeansou's property on the right bank of Tarn river, very close to our vinification cellar.

> 2002: Creation of Florentin prestige wine (100% braucol) , several times awarded "Coup de Coeur" by the Guide Hachette and ranked as one of the best wines in the world by a German journalist.

> 2005: Plantation of vineyards in high density of vines ( 7500 vines per hectare). Unique in Gaillac

> 2006: Creation of “Cette-année-là” sweet white wine.

> 2009: Creation of  “Falcon” red wine

> 2010: Purchase of  the farm from the Florentin commune that we have been working for so many years.

> 2012: launching of our wine exportation in the U.S.A.  

> 2014: Beginning of organic farming for the 6 hectares at 7500 vines per hectare.

> 2015: Creation of “l'aigle Cinto” our premium red wine

> 2017: Birth of “Clos la Maurinié”