Here men are able to build and preserve one of our most valuable assets: the art of living in the South West.

The town of Gaillac was born in 972, but the vineyard that bears his name was founded in the first century BC by the Romans. Montans small village near Gaillac, the 11th century was a major center of pottery. The extensive remains of the site as well as traces of  amphorae discovered montanaises from Spain to northern Scotland attest to the exceptional length of the vineyard.

In the 9th century, the Benedictine abbey of St Michel de Gaillac were able to develop, by patient selection, a wine worthy of the best restaurants in the medieval world. Down the Tarn and Garonne to theAtlantic, the Gaillac went early conquer France and neighboring countries.

Today Gaillac is an excellent and great wine. It is also an expression of the rich culture and authenticToulouse Midi, a message from the lifestyle of the Southwest