A Gaillac, the cradle of wine, for three centuries the family Hirissou operates vineyards. It is deeply rooted in the land on both sides of the tarn. With the birth of Pierre Hirissou in 1827, the first vines were planted. We might be back later, but the ancient scriptures we have not delivered all their secrets. In 1855 with the birth of his son Antoine Hirissou, the vineyard grows dramatically. With the construction of a cellar in the center of Gaillac, there remain Antoine memory of a trader and a prudent manager. Arriving in store three harvests in his cellar, he sold the bad years when the wine was rare. All retailers knew there was always wine at the Family Hirissou provided to pay the price. It was at the time a commodity as important as bread. This is called good business sense!

My parents, Jean Paul and Dominique Hirissou, took over the family winery in 1976.

As soon as they arrived, they decided to make the choise of more and more quality. First they found the good soils(terroir) . After they made a cellar perfect to make very good wine and welcome customers. The domaine du Moulin was born and every body know that this name is the symbol hight quality wines.


I came back from California in 2002 and from the begining i had the keys of the winery. I was very lucky because i always can make every choices in the winery. Since 15 years, i try i make i have success i fail but all is to make one day a very very good wine ( un gand vin). My family and my two hobbies (falconry and corsica island) help me in this adventure : make a polyphony wine………

Nicolas Hirissou

> 1977 : The field is growing on gravel soils of the Florentine commune
> 1995 :  Construction of the new cellar
> 2001:  Purchase of the right bank of the property of Mr. Jeansou close to the cellar
> 2002:  Florentin cuvée
> 2005 :  Planted a field of 7500 plants for hectare. Unique in Gaillac
> 2006 : ” Cette année là” cuvée
> 2009 :  Falcon cuvée
> 2010 :  Purchase of property in the town of Florentin previously worked in farming.
> 2012 : Begining of export in USA
> 2014 : We start to make organic wine on 6 hectares at 7500 plant for hectare
> 2015 :  Cinto cuvée
> 2017 : Suspense…….