Located on both banks of the Tarn, surrounding the historical town of Gaillac, the 38 hectares of the Domaine duMoulin combine two soils of high quality and original vines.

Duras and the braucols in red, away from the eye, and Muscadelle mauzac white varieties, many traditional varieties that bring the aromatic complexity, elegance, finesse of the wines of the appellation. This unique combination gives our generation a unique personality.

Advantage of the combination of the two lands, our field has both fat and fruity wines produced on clay-limestone and finesse and tannic wines produced on gravelly soil. We take great care to work our soil and vine management in a reasoned, justifying a search of respect for nature.

Thus, the constant search for balance point allows the winery to bring a harvest of quality. A strict control of yields, 40 to 45 hectoliters per hectare, and even 25 hectoliters for red wine Florentin, followed by vinification plotto bring our wines all their characters.

Our local gravel on the left bank of the Tarn

Our local gravel on the left bank of the Tarn

The reputation of a wine is always tied to the land, soil and subsoil on which is located the vine. Our field has the special and blessed with vines on both soils Gaillac. The reds are located on the left bank of serious Tarn famous for its red cover. White varieties benefit from clayeylimestone Gaillac first ribs on the right side where the best are harvested white Gaillac.